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MaxR100 Customer Test Sheet
MaxR Pre-Test & Inspection
Customer Name Equipment Type
Tester Name Equipment Make
Tonnage of Unit Equipment Model #
Refrigerant Type Equipment Serial #
Stated Air Flow Equipment Location
Ounces of MaxR Elevation above sea level
Before Test Check all belts & replace if necessary Check all belts & replace if necessary
Clean oil coils of debris Charge w/refrigerant gas & oil to mfg spec
MaxR Before/After Test Details
Details of Test Before After Details of Test Before After
Date of Reading Date of Reading
Volt Phz 1 (W/R) Total Amp Phz 1
Volt Phz 2 (R/B) Total Amp Phz 2
Volt Phz 3 (B/W) Total Amp Phz 3
Comp 1 Amp Phz 1 Comp 2 Amp Phz 1
Comp 1 Amp Phz 2 Comp 2 Amp Phz 2
Comp 1 Amp Phz 3 Comp 2 Amp Phz 3
Details of Test Before After
Date of Reading
Head Pressure
Suction Pressure
Flow Rate thru Evaporator
Outside Air Temperature
Outside Air Relative Humidity Percentage
Inlet Air Temperature of Evaporator
Outlet Air Temperature of Evaporator
Inlet Air RH% of Evaporator
Outlet Air RH% of Evaporator
1) Enthalpy calculations require Air Temperature and Relative Humidity or Wet Bulb Temperature. Use appropriate chart and adjust for elevation.

2) Outlet Air Temperature (Supply Air) will normally be lower and Suction Pressure will change. If Outside Air is the same, ALL other parameters may be the same except for Supply and Suction after MAXR 100 applied. Normal treatment will take one to two weeks to fully get results.
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