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Trans Bio Energy Company, LLC.
MaxR100™ Refrigerant Chart
MaxR100™ - Refrigerant Types
MO = Mineral Oil POE = Polyol Ester AB = Alkybenzene PAG = Polyalkylene Glycol
Refrigerant Type Lubricant MaxR100™ Type
R-12 MO or AB MaxR100™ MO
134a POE MaxR100™ POE
MP39 (R-401A) MO or AB MaxR100™ MO
409A (R-409A) MO or AB MaxR100™ MO
R-500 MO or AB MaxR100™ MO
MP66 (R-401B) MO or AB MaxR100™ MO
R-13 MO or AB MaxR100™ MO
R-503 MOR or AB MaxR100™ MO
R-23 POE MaxR100™ POE
95 (R-508B) POE MaxR100™ POE
R-502 MO or AB MaxR100™ MOE
HP62 (R-404A) POE MaxR100™ POE
507 (R-507) POE MaxR100™ POE
HP80 (R-402A) AB MaxR100™ MO
408A (R-408A) AB MaxR100™ MO
HP81 (R-402B) MO or AB MaxR100™ MO
R-22 MO or AB MaxR100™ MO
407C (R-407C) POE MaxR100™ POE
410A (R-410A) POE MaxR100™ POE
134a Automotive PAG ColdAir™
Note: Where possible, use OEM-recommended oil type, charge size, and viscosity.
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