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A Trans Bio Energy Product
MaxR100™ Active Refrigerant Agent
HVAC/R Equipment Protection
A TransBio Energy Company, LLC Product
ColdAir MaxR100 MaxR200 MaxR300
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Product Overview
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MaxR100™ FAQ
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is used in air conditioning systems, refrigeration, cold-storage, chillers and reefers. It can be mixed with any refrigerant oil without affecting the manufacturer's warranty.
MaxR100™ re-conditions, restores and maintains efficiency in air-conditioners, chillers & refrigeration systems, resulting in the reduction of kWh consumption.

MaxR100™ is an intermetallic compound that forms a permanent bond to metal surfaces. This action removes oil fouling, changes the thermal nature of the metal and lowers the boiling point of the refrigerant gas, resulting in a more efficient operating system with substantial savings in energy costs.

MaxR100™ forms a protective molecular layer that will NOT change mechanical tolerances. MaxR100™ contains no elements of the Halogen group, particularly Chlorine, Fluorine, nor Sulfur or Phosphorous. MaxR100™ does NOT contain PTFE (Teflonฎ) or any other particulate. MaxR100™ will NOT contaminate waste oil.

Review before/after test results to get an indication of what benefits MaxR100™ will produce for you. MaxR100™ is easy to apply, but must be installed by a licensed HVAC contractor for the warranty to be valid.
MaxR100™ Benefits:
Provides "like-new" equipment performance Outstanding anti-friction protection in compressors Produces substantial energy savings
Reduces maintenance & downtime Results in quieter running equipment Does not affect manufacturer's warranty
Softens and conditions seals Reduces oxidation within the system Subtantially protects mechanical parts
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